LowPowerWizards / Low Power Weather

A weather station for individuals, with it the users will be able to get their data right from their point of interest.


The original hackathon version will include a temperature, light and luminosity sensor. The weather station will run on the Low Power Network provided by Swisscom. The data, that the weather station has measured, are displayed on a web application. On this webapp you can see the location of your own weather station. When you click on the marker a graphic is displayed with all the already collected data.

Extentions possibilities

In an future update we will add a pressure and humidity sensor. When the amount of data is enough, we will be able to make some near future meteo previsions. The potential of extentions for this station will increase with the new pieces of hardware comming.

Technical aspects

All the concentration at this hackathon is based on the new provided LoRa technology. The main station is the provided nucleo board, to connect the sensors to the station we used the Base Shield board. For the transfer of the measured data is the provided LoRa antenna responsible. The measured data are sent in a Xml-File to the Thingpark, also provided at the Hackathon.

Our web app is programmed with the language python. JavaScript is used for the interaction of the webpage.

db schema


db schema


Our team is called LowPowerWizards and is composed of Benjamin Fassbind, Marco Palkoska, Thomas Fey and Patrizia Tresch.

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