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Play! aka IoThack15

Our goal at the #IoThack15 is to play around with technology, get some insights and have fun. Learning by doing. This is the collection of all the small projects.

1) LoRa to IFTTT Forwarder (Status: done, PoC working)

Runs on AppCloud, forwards LoRa packets from ThingPark to IFTTT. http://iot.dribd.at/project/7

2) LoRa to ThingSpeak Forwarder (Status: done, PoC working)

Runs on AppCloud, forwards LoRa packets from ThingPark to ThingSpeak One practical application, where we used this building block was the LoRaLei (see below). http://iot.dribd.at/project/21

3) LoRaLei (Status: done, PoC working)

Measuring the Limmat temperature and transmitting data over LoRa. The data is then forwarded via IFTTT to ThingSpeak (https://thingspeak.com/channels/64458). Source: https://developer.mbed.org/users/ramun/code/New_Seeed_Test

4) Dumpster Diving Sensor (Status: Design fiction, no code, just pictures.)

LoRaWAN => Cheap, anonymous connectivity => Monitoring for everybody => More efficient dumpster diving. Bruce Sterling called that anticonventional objects (see e.g. http://www.wired.com/2013/10/design-fiction-anticonventional-objects).

5) Hello Beacon! (Status: done, PoC working)

A first app using Interactor () and some iBeacons. Triggers a notification on the iPhone, as soon as one gets close to a beacon. Basically, just using the code from here (https://developer.interactor.swisscom.ch), updating to the latest Xcode, adjusting the API-key, compiling and downloading it to an iPhone. To configure the beacons, we used https://interactor.swisscom.ch.

6) Wo ist Walter? (Status: done, PoC working)

An offline indicator that shows the current location of a person, using beacons for localization. Here we used previous work (IoT-gauge http://www.instructables.com/id/IoT-Gauge-with-Arduino-Yaler-IFTTT) and combined it with an iPhone app. The app is based on the "Hello Beacon"-app but calls an URL in the background. Source: http://ramun.ch/IoThack15/Interactor.zip

In the end, we combined these bits & pieces into a new project: Fill My Basket (http://iot.dribd.at/project/24).

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