Sinfonit / iParkr

A quick and easy way to open garage doors

Team Sinfonit

  • Claudio Riginio
  • Giuseppe Galati
  • Francesco Leonetti
  • Giovanni Piraino


  • You need a remote controller to enter your home garage
  • You need a badge to go to work
  • You need tickets, coins and sometimes you have to pay in advance


We want to simplify the way we park and how we pay for parking by simply using one solution that fits all Needs.


We think that we can solve these problems by using beacon and cloud systems. We use beacons placed in parking areas to authenticate identities, measuring parking time and offer services around parking.

This weekend we focused on a beacon based garage door opener. Our solution replaces remote controller, Badges, keys

Garage Door Opener

We want to replace keys and remote controller mostly used nowadays for opening garage doors by introducing a beacon which triggers an app on your smart phone. After an authorization on a cloud, the beacon UID will be stored on your smart phone. Every time you are reaching a specific distance to the beacon it will automatically send an open command to an internet connected controller on the garage motor. Optionally an user input on your smart phone / watch can be applied to open the door.


The next steps: 1 Indoor parking (privat) 2 Indoor parking (public) 3 Outdoor parking 4 Parking services

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Last update: 2015-11-06
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