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A super secure hyper local push notification service

LoRa Push

Tbh - we just wanted to try out all the gadgets on the table. And then we created this super secure hyper local push notification service!

Here's how it was designed:

our funky idea

Components we used (see Github for more the architecture overview)

  • Messaging Backend/Website: Meteor running on Swisscom Cloud

    • Logs all calls into a mongodb
    • A submits a HTTP POST request to the Thingpark Server
  • Thinkpark Server

    • takes the requests, and sends it over LoRa to the MBED controller
  • The MBED controller

    • Recieves a request port and Payload over LoRa
    • Sets the payload information to a 4 Digit Display
    • Creates a funky animation with a LED Bar
    • Has a Buzzer attached, in case it needs to be found
    • Triggers a relay for 5s, to power up an iBeacon
  • The iBeacon is configured with the Interactor

    • send s BLE Signal (UUID, minor major) to an iPhone
  • the iPhone has the LoRa App (Swift)

    • with the interactor SDK, gets a callback and starts a scary notification event

See it in action

see it in action

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Check it out on Github

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