SaaS / Schirm as a Service

The umbrella that tells you if you should take it with you because its going to rain today.

The umbrella that you can check out based on location. Additionally it will tell you when it rains outside. If you forget to bring it back it orders automatically someone to pick up the umbrella.

Imagine your are leaving a shop. Its going to rain, but you do not know it. But luckily our app connects to the local umbrella stand and tell you via Beacon Technology that you should pick up an umbrella. You accept the message to pick up the umbrella and accept it. The umbrella you check out begins to glow to inform you what umbrella you are allowed to take with you. You use it and you take it home. At home you place the umbrella next to your door. In the morning the umbrella signals you if you have to take it with you. By flashing a light in the hours you usually leave home. It flashes more intense if the probability of rain is higher during the hours you are usually out of home. If you do not need the umbrella anymore you are expected to bring it back. In this case, you do not manage to do so. Automatically a message to the Mila platform is triggered where you have local pople to pick up your umbrella and take it back to the store. And you do not have to take care of anything.

We used the following technologies:

  • Low Power Network: for enabling our umbrella to send signals
  • Beacon Technology: for informing us when we are close to a pick up point for umbrellas.
  • we deployed on Swisscom Application Cloud

on this project worked:

  • Matthias Geel
  • Stefan Schmid
  • Andreas Hauri

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Last update: 2015-11-07
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