Hello, Oleg here :)

I'm a software developer and data activist.

Available to freelance from Bern, on site in Switzerland, and over the wire. I run hackathons and workshops as director of Opendata.ch, the Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge.

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handbook.opendata.swiss is a platform for sharing knowledge on preparing, publishing and using Open Government Data supported by the Swiss Federal Archives.
Hack for Ageing Well with the Brussels-based AAL Association. One month later supported Climathon Zürich with coaching and infrastructure.
Aggregating, cleaning and analysing open data for an investigative report and online database.
SODA.camp is a set of platforms for boosting data literacy, part of an initiative to establish the School of Data in Switzerland.
Data aggregation specifications and prototypes to support machine learning at BrandCrafter.
Educational pathways form as thousands of pupils flow through the school system. The collaboration with Hahn+Zimmermann and the Zürich cantonal Department of Education was recognised with dpa-infografik and Information is Beautiful awards.
Mobile app development for a clinical study at the university hospital in Bern on supporting surgery patients with apps that aggregate data from self-evaluation and wearable devices, hosted on MIDATA.coop
DRIBDAT is an open source project board for hackathons written in Python. Initially developed as platform for the Swisscom IoT Hackathon, since used at multiple other events.
Synopses is an (alpha stage) open source mobile application for doctors and patients to share insights into medical histories.
Portrait Id is a project to explore alternate identity with historic photographs, an offline installation and online social theatre.
A web version of the Dreams of Mouron exhibition made with WebGL and 3D audio.
Open Data Alps visualises various geodata from Switzerland in 3D using WebGL.