Independent consultancy based in Bern, happy to help with application development, data and usability engineering, hackathons, training, testing, technical support and more. Let's find the time.

Member of the  community, supporting open data, open infrastructure, public health and electronic art. To practice together: sign up for a workshop, join a hackathon, or connect to discuss your needs.

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Recent work

Augmenting geospatial intelligence with open data platforms for city dwellers, planners and architects. See forum post.

Geopandas Data Frictionless

Libraries for Frictionless Data in the Julia language for working with new open data platforms like See blog post.

Julia Data Standards is a platform for sharing knowledge on preparing, publishing, embedding and using Open Government Data.

Python Pelican CKAN

Dribdat is an open source project tracker, used at, MakeZurich and other awesome hackathons. Batteries+bots included.

Python Flask API

Preparatory workshops and support for the Open Food Hackday, the first Cultural Data, Energy Data, Research Data hackathons and events.

Networking Fundraising

Org-team and advisory to MakeZurich, Climathon Zürich, Hack for Ageing Well, SIX Hackathon, Swisscom IoT Hackathon and others.

Organising Coaching

Relaunched website of the Swiss Society for Public Health, designed by Moving Water, based on the open source Wagtail CMS.

Python Django Docker

Prototype open source patient record app for improving communication with medical practitioners.

Python Polymer JavaScript

Open data on the medical profession, used in an investigative report (2016, 2017) and online database.

OpenRefine Python Analysis

A mobile app for a clinical study at the University Hospital in Bern, based on

Android Ionic Midata

Educational pathways form as pupils flow through the school system. Created with Hahn+Zimmermann for the Canton of Zürich.

Python D3.js JavaScript

Coached and supported the pilot Powercoders coding academy in Bern (see blog post). Interned graduate Yusup Khasbulatov, who designed and prototyped the La CULTina app.

Python Javascript Mentorship

Interactive 3D/VR workshops and visualisations, including Data Alps, Dreams of Mouron, Infopartment and Aletsch-Rutsch.

THREE.js WebGL JavaScript

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