My name is Oleg Lavrovsky and I write code, contribute open source, and recover from social media. I am into experimentation, visualisation, design thinking, sci-fi, A.I. bots, usable mathematics, skiing, ice hockey, and fair debate.

Datalets is my independent studio based in Bern, Switzerland. Over the past decade, I have accelerated development projects in organisations of all sizes, and gained deep exposure to agile development, content management, business intelligence, software architecture, Internet data sources and open platforms.

Active in the Open Knowledge community, I am on the board of Opendata.ch and support the School of Data in Switzerland. On the topics of data literacy, Open Government Data and hackathons I am a regular speaker and organiser - which you can read about on my blog.

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Engagements by date
handbook.opendata.swiss is a knowledge base for preparing, publishing and using Open Government Data, supported by the Swiss Federal Archives.
Organised, coordinated, and ran a hackathon with challenges on the topic of Ageing Well for the Brussels-based international AAL Association.
Supported journalists in aggregating, cleaning and analysing open data from the pharmaceutical industry. Read the article (in German) and query online.
SODA.camp is a set of platforms for supporting data literacy, part of an initiative to establish the School of Data in Switzerland.
Helped to spec and prototype a machine learning system for flexible data aggregation to support the data science team at BrandCrafter.
Educational pathways visualises the flow of pupils through the school system in the Canton of Zürich, in collaboration with Hahn+Zimmermann.
Mobile development for a study at the university hospital in Bern on supporting patients with apps that aggregate data from self-evaluation and wearable devices, hosted on MIDATA.coop
DRIBDAT is an open source project board for Hackathons with Impact Factor. Initially developed as platform for the Swisscom IoT Hackathon.
Synopses is an intuitive and accessible open source app for doctors and patients to share insights into medical histories.
Portrait Id is a project to explore alternate identity with historic photographs, an offline installation and online social theatre.
A web version of the Dreams of Mouron exhibition made with WebGL and 3D audio.
Open Data Alps visualises various geodata from Switzerland in 3D using WebGL.

Opendata.ch is the Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge, helping to accelerate the digital transparency movement at the heart of Europe. I am on the board of directors, one of the initiators and organisers of our series of hackathons, ambassador to the global network and member of Open Knowledge Labs.

A consultancy founded to work on information technology projects in Bern, Switzerland (CHE-248.607.785 in the Central Business Index).
Technical lead in the investment team at Centralway, working closely with business on agile design and development of data mining and collaboration platforms, while interacting with all product teams to contribute expertise and assist in achieving cross-functional engineering goals.
Planning and full stack development on a range of projects at Apps with love: Journal B, the Kornhaus app, first mobile FANCAM and more.
Data visualizations to support research work at the Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems group at ETH Zürich, such as a geodata aggregation platform and urban policy planning tool. During this time also produced a gene data visualisation with the University of Oxford.
Senior member of the IT team on Cisco Quad (later renamed Cisco WebEx Social), an enterprise social collaboration product. Developed Ciscopedia, created and supported a frontend framework for internal applications, deployed and supported distributed web services for portals. Responsible for agile software development, R&D projects, technical evaluations and a virtual community for software engineers. Excellent performance ratings and leadership award for disruptive innovation.
Frontend development and server athletics in a viral dotcom startup. Designed and implemented a modular framework to aggregate social video and photo content. Performance optimisation, new testing methods and a tool chain for compiling and packaging application resources, metrics reporting, internal portal and dev team wikis.
Responsible for coding, networks, repairs, customer support at a small IT consultancy. Shipped a heavily redesigned and optimised content management system. Handled e-commerce projects from operational concepts through to system integration and training. Negotiated and executed a contract to develop enterprise software components.
Supported a software startup creating a business intelligence and data mining product. Developed the web tier and other components of an analysis suite for data warehousing. Designed the intranet and web sites, technical illustrations, supported clients and infrastructure.
Provided IT support, Web development and training for the Swiss Space Center in Lausanne. Redesigned and maintained the web portal. Created an application and search engine to help space research labs in Europe to share data and collaborate.
Founded a startup online marketplace for oil and gas property divestitures spun out of a midsize exploration firm. Responsible for R&D, architecture and implementation of data warehouse and web applications for browsing geology data. Coordinated business development and customer trials.
Ran a small business doing new media consulting and Internet solutions in Calgary. Programming and domain hosting, business support. Good times.
Graduated from Western Canada High School in Calgary with honours and International Baccalaureate certificate. Received Baccalauréat propédeutique in mathematics from Université Laval. Additional studies in maths at Université de Lausanne and communication systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.